The Olhausen Pool Table

Olhausen-pool-tableThe Olhausen pool table is an American made high quality pool table that has been around for many years. The Ohausen brothers original pool table models date back forty years when they started up as just a two man operation. The family owned operation has now grown to word wide distribution and is now the largest pool table manufacturing company in the word. They are expertly experienced at designing and creating high end custom pool tables.

Not Just Pool Tables

The Ohlausen company also manufactures Air Hockey Tables, Foosball Tables and Shuffle Board Tables as well. The companies main manufacturing facility is in Portland, Tennessee.

Olhausen pool tables’ journey began way back when Olhausen brothers, Don and Butch, were children.

In 1969, Butch made your choice while Don stayed behind. In 1972, the brothers, back together, began their own small business which goal was to transfer and recover pool tables. Olhausen pool tables are not even in the rear of the heads so they were delivering new pool tables to get a little manufacturing company. Olhausen pool were just making a living from this company. $12, pool were charging for installation and delivery of a fresh table, while using their particular automobile (Butch’s ’59 El Camino) as paying for the gasoline.

Olhausen pool tables’ big break arrived in 1973. The San Diego company’s owner, offered to sell pool the business. He’d just take a tiny percent back to the stock. The brothers made a decision to go all in and assessed the scenario. Little did kids understand they were making the choice that proved to alter their entire lives.

About 35 tables annual, the business was making during the period of the purchase. Their goal for the initial year was sell 70 tables and to double the production. A goal that is pushy, certainly, but one kids did reach. As well as the upward curve just continued to grow within the years about are sold every year. Obviously, their production processes advanced over the past few years increase the standard of the products and to hasten the procedure.

There’s now over a dozen distinct chain of Olhausen pool tables on the marketplace. A table is to satisfy look inclinations, ability level, and every budget. Olhausen pool even provide the substitute for fully customize your table if you want to.