Pool Tables For Sale

pool-table-for-saleWhile we currently don’t have any pool tables for sale you can check back periodically to see if we have anything in stock. Sometimes we will advertise an antique pool table for sale or on the flip side we”ll have a cheap pool table on sale for some one on a strict budget. We even come across some pretty well made pool cues that we will put on sale for a fair price.

Last month we had a nice pool table on sale that was actually donated to us by a local resident who simply did not want it anymore. We we’re not able to salvage the table because it was in really bad shape, however, we did put the pool table slate on sale for a reasonable price. All of the pool tables that we put on sale are solid slate table tops, we do not believe that any other playing surface is suitable for a good play. We don’t usually stock new pool tables, so that means that most of are stock, when on hand, are used pool tables for sale. Stay looking because we are currently refurbishing a very nice one piece slate valley pool table that we will bring to the market in a few months. When you do hook up with that perfect pool table, whether you buy it from us or not, be sure to call and have us install it for you. We have expert pool table installers and do a proper set up every time.