Pool Table Sizes

pool-table-sizesOften there are questions and misconceptions about pool table sizes. Let’s clear up some of these things because It is actually a very simple concept once you get a hold of the pool table size chart.

Bar Size Pool Table

What is it. Well, a standard bar size pool table is typically referring to a 7′ X 3′ coin operated, most often “Valley” pool table. This is only a typical bar size pool table though. A bar can install any pool table that is likes, if the owner has the space a the budget to buy a nice full size pool table ( a nine foot) then he has every right, it’s his bar.

Regulation Size pool table

Now here is another variable, the regulation size depends on the governing body or association of the pool tournament. It will place the regulations on what size pool table will be used. Again there is a typical size that is used in many tournaments, it is the 8 or eight and a half foot pool table, however, this not the case in many other tournaments especially snooker where a larger 12 foot table is most ofter the center piece.

Standard Pool Table Size

Here again, there is not an actual “standard pool table size”. If there is a pool table that is close to a standard size then it would probably be the 8 foot pool table, only because it is the middle ground in American billiards. What I mean by that is that there are 3 main sizes when it comes to American style Billiards: 7 foot, 8 foot and 9 foot (are there more? yes). The seven foot table accommodates a smaller room and budget. The nine foot table is on the opposite spectrum, more expensive and requires a larger space dedicated to it. The 8 footer is in the middle and is most often a perfect medium between the two. It is the choice of many residential pool table owners and my favorite too.